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 ​​​​What you get:

Standard "Tilt & Flat" systems from 165 - 990 watt

Each panel is 165 watt mono-crystalline with new premium high efficiency Grade "A" cells and measures 1480mm x 670mm x 35mm.

Each System consists of the following:

1 to 6 x 165 watt solar panel (qty obviously dependent on system)  with 0.8 mtr length of pre-connected solar cable with male / female solar connectors.

1 pair of aluminium mounting brackets for each panel with hand-wheel knobs (Panels now have threaded inserts so no wing-nut required). These brackets allow a 2 way tilt angle of about 30 degrees.

1 x 6mtr length of meta-flex cable (different lengths available on request) to connect solar panels to solar charge regulator, with 2 pairs of pre-connected solar connectors at one end and boot connectors at the other. The solar connectors are "handed" to ensure correct polarity. This cable is flexible but very well protected, so is ideal to run along the roof.

6 x meta-flex cable clamps.

1 set of tri-start self tapping fixing screws and drill bit (qty varies with system) to fit solar brackets and cable clamps.

1 tube of marine flex which can be used to bond the mounting brackets if you prefer not to drill, or as a sealant in conjunction with the fixing screws.

1 x ABS weather proof box and meta-flex cable gland which can be used to aid cable entry into boat.  (This is the most awkward bit of the installation no matter who fits the system).

1 x Solar charge regulator with display showing battery voltage, solar amps and much more, depending on type ordered (Tracer MPPT), complete with battery temperature sensor, remote monitor and software.

1 x 3 position isolation. Off - Battery - Solar - thus ensuring correct connection and disconnection.

1 x 3 mtr length red / black cable for connection between Solar Charge Controller and your battery bank. The red cable is pre-fitted with an in-line fuse and both cable have 8mm ring connector at one end for battery termination and boot connectors at the other end.

1 x 3mtr length of 25mm diameter split flexible conduit for battery cables and battery temperature sensor.

1 x Set of fixing screws including drill and tap

1 set of documents including invoice, connection drawing, self-fit help guide, Solar Charge Controller instruction booklet, panel specifications and warranty documents.

If you choose to "self fit" and get into problems, do not worry, we will not leave you in the "thick brown stuff". We will help you resolve any problem.





A typical 3 x 165 watt system with "Tilt & Flat" Mounting.

System price list including fitting, delivery and vat.

Discount available (details in "intro pack")​

165 watt system with Tracer 4210A             £768.00

165 watt system with Tracer IT6415ND       £1008.00

330 watt system with Tracer 4210A             £1020.00

330 watt system with Tracer IT6415ND       £1260.00

495 watt system with Tracer 4210A             £1230.00

495 watt system with Tracer IT6415ND       £1470.00

660 watt system with Tracer 4210A             £1440.00

660 watt system with Tracer IT6415ND       £1680.00

990 watt system with Tracer IT6415ND       £2100.00


Discount available (details in "intro pack")​

If you require something slightly different we are happy to provide a bespoke quotation. Give us a call or send an email.

There is more details on the system in our "intro pack".

 Intro Pack.pdf



 Above shows the Tracer MPPT typical system.​ Both the Tracer 4210A and IT6415ND can be logged onto a laptop but there is a difference to consider.

The 4210A can only log with laptop connected to show real time information, where as the IT6415ND has a built in battery cell which logs data which can be downloaded to the laptop.