Oct 19
2017 Prices?

Good afternoon to all.

Brexit and the GBP to Euro​ exchange.

I am not getting into a politcal statement, just my thoughts as to 2017 pricing of our systems.

It was quite easy to see the potential issue with Brexit, so as a company we simply bought forward on the Euro to cover ouselves into next year. A lot of other companies will have also done this but will, or already have, still increase their prices using the exchange rate as their excuse. I will NOT be increasing prices this year (2016) or for the early part of next year. I will need to keep an eye on the exchange though  but hope it will have recovered enough to enable me to continue with he same prices throughout 2017.​


Sep 27
Thank you

Thank you to every one who has purchased one of our new systems over the last few months.

We remain busy as does Tim at "Onboard Solar" who, as most will know, offers our systems fully fitted. Tim is live-a-board​ and has been on the canals for many years which gives him a wealth of knowledge to advise and help you choose the correct system.

As always, any problems, just give us a call.


May 19
New Up-Graded Systems coming very soon....

Good morning,

For many months we have been testing and working with manufacturers to develop our systems even further. Please check this site over the next week for more information.

Basically, our new systems will give higher output and even higher quality...........AT THE SAME PRICE.

Example; The old 400 watt system will now become a 495 watt system.​

May 06
Chesterfield Canal Festival

The IWA National Trailboat Festival ​and Chestefield Canal Festival will be held on 28th / 29th May at Staveley Town Basin.

​We will be there so please come along. We will offer a 10% discount if you order one of our NEW IMPROVED Narrowboat Solar Systems at the event. ​

​​Direction to Staveley Town Basin There will be yellow signs bearing the legend “Chesterfield Canal Festival”. SatNav  S43 3XZ.  
From the M1 travelling south Leave at Junction 30. Follow signs to Chesterfield, A 619. After 3 miles go RIGHT (3rd exit) at Duke Street roundabout for Eckington, B6053. After 20 metres, go RIGHT for Eckington, B6053. The basin is 300 metres ahead on the left after the last house. There is a big purple sign.   
From the M1 travelling north Leave at Junction 29A. Follow signs to Staveley, going straight ahead at the first two roundabouts. After 2 miles, go LEFT (1st exit) at the roundabout towards Staveley. (Careful, this is not obvious.) After 1 mile, go LEFT (1st exit) at the roundabout, you will see the basin on the left. After 300 metres, go LEFT for Eckington, B6053. The basin is 300 metres ahead on the left after the last house. There is a big purple sign.   
From the A61 in Chesterfield Take the A619 for Worksop at the Tesco roundabout. After 3½ miles, go STRAIGHT AHEAD (2nd exit) at Duke Street roundabout for Eckington, B6053. After 20 metres, go RIGHT for Eckington, B6053. The basin is 300 metres ahead on the left after the last house. There is a big purple sign. ​


Oct 28
Winter Disconnection?

Good afternoon,

I guess some of you will be mooring up for Winter so just a quick reminder regarding the correct disconnection proceedure for those of you who remove the panels.


1 - disconnect the solar panels from the charge control

2 - then disconnect the battery voltage from the charge control


1 - Always re-connect the battery voltage to the charge control first

2 - wait about 30 seconds whilst the charge control works out the battery voltage

3 - re-connect the solar panels

Very best​

Aug 08
Don't get caught out

​Good morning all.

Hope you all have the same blue skys and big yellow thing as I am enjoying at the moment?

We continue to be busy and can only continue to thank everyone for the support received.

We hope to be bench testing our new MPPT over the next 6 months ready for launch in 2016. You can be assured if there are any issues at all we will continue to supply the ever reliable eMPPT we provide at the moment.

On that note, it may be worth checking the following link?

 It is always difficult for anyone to decide which controller, or system to go for, but we hope over the last 10 years we have, with your help, provided a tried and tested system which you can rely on.

Thanks again

Jul 01
Here at last

​Good evening all

Summer is finally here then.... I trust everyone is soaking up the sun. Certainly the solar panels will help to keep the canals quieter. Fewer engines chugging away in the evening.

Have great time and lets hope the sun stays with us for some time to come.




Jun 10
Still Busy - Thank you for your continued support

​The trade guys are still very busy. We are now taking bookings for August, although as always, there will be a few slots available.

I'm off to Stenson Marina tomorrow evening, then Nantwich next Wednesday. Both of these are self-fits so Robin (business partner and technical support) will not be coming since it always rains when he goes to see customers.

The new style MPPT Solar Charge Controller is under development in conjunction with Juta and should be going under test in the next month or so. I will keep you up-dated.

If anyone has any ideas to improve anything we do, please let us know. Usually the best ideas come from the people who use the systems on a daily basis.

Have a good week. 

May 19
Crick Boat Show

​Good evening all.

Just a quick up-date for all interested in our solar systems and Crick.

Tim Davis of On Board Solar will be at Crick as part of the

J.D. Narrowboats team. Their show boat has one of our 400 watt systems fitted so go along, pay a visit and have a chat with Tim.

 Once again, thank you for all your support.

Apr 29
Site Visit

​Kings Bromley Marina today to check out another boat for system fitting.

"Pleasure to meet you David"

Then back to work to finish getting all May systems ready for delivery and a well earned coffee. We already have systems booked for June install so again if you are interested, give us a call.

Pricing can be found on our systems page along with a pdf giving full details and offers for self fit.

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