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​​​​​​​​​​NEW SYSTEMS FOR JULY 2016

​​​Systems are now ready for order!


Over the past 12 months we have been looking at up-dating ​our systems. Whilst the current systems work perfectly well it is now time to change.

Our existing panels have always been top quality mono-crystalline with Grade "A" cells but the new cells are even better and the new panel will give slightly better efficiency.

Our MPPT solar charge controller has always been manufactured by a reputable company, been very efficient, with a very low quiescent current of 50mA. We discussed our requirements with many manufacturers and tested many controllers (Reports are shown on "Reports Page") and the final decision was the Tracer Series from EP Solar. The new controller will go further than before. The quiescent current is less than 50mA, has load output facility, remote monitor, battery temperature sensing and facility to connect a laptop.

The new systems will also provide for isolation of the solar array and battery bank.

How much extra is this all going to cost I hear you ask?


In fact, you will gain.

The original 300 watt system will become a 330 watt system, at the same price (2 panels)

The original 400 watt system will become a 495 watt system, at the same price (3 panels)

The original 600 watt system will become a 660 watt system, at the same price (4 panels)

A new 990 watt system (6 panels)

Will they take up more roof space?

The new panels are larger, but the original 300 watt system consisted of 3 panels taking up 1.98 sq/mtr, whereas the 330 watt system is 2 panels taking up 1.98 sq/mtr.


​​36M 150-165w.jpg

New panel will be 165 watt version show above

1480 x 670 x 35mm

You can download a full size copy of the above from our "Downloads Page"





    IT6415ND 60 amp MPPT                     Remote Monitor     




      4210A 40 amp  MPPT                         Temperature Sensor
 Isolation Switch.jpg

New 3 Position Isolation Switch (right) ensures correct connection / disconnection of the system. Comes pre-wired for self-fit systems. Red "anderson" plug on left side of switch is for Battery connection and Grey "anderson" plug on right is for Solar Panel connection. As always the corrosponding cables come pre-fitted with the other half of the "anderson" plug.  The plugs will only connect to thier corrosponding colour and can only be plugged together one way.